My Story

Born in Los Angeles to a Japanese mother and Taiwanese father, I grew up attending a progressive middle and high school with a strong emphasis on the visual arts. As a young girl, I took great joy in figure drawing, shooting black and white film on a manual camera, and developing and printing photographs in the darkroom.

After graduating from UC Berkeley, I lived in Taipei, Taiwan, before returning to the Bay Area, where I produced webinars, interactive summits and live chats for a fast-growing B2B online media startup. On weekends, I trained in the digital arts, from podcasting to the Adobe Creative Suite, at the Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC), and later picked up my first digital SLR to document a road-trip to Europe with my best friend. 

I launched my first blog, Kuishimbo, to share photos I'd taken of local food and culture in cities like Berlin, Yokohama, Kaohsiung, and Oakland. Around that time, I shot fly project TV, featuring interviews with my peers in the Bay Area and LA who are passionate about diverse fields, from food, art, and startups to social justice, and going for it. 

While producing marketing for a photography agency in SF, I began documenting family portraits and weddings for friends and clients in the Bay Area, while shooting major tech startup events and conferences for Women 2.0 and MEGA Startup Weekend. While living in Yokohama, I led social media strategy and execution for Women in Technology Japan. I returned to LA, where I continue to shoot for clients with a focus on innovation, women, and entrepreneurship. 

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Recent Projects
I've been motivated to revisit fly project TV. I privately teach blogging and photography skills to special needs artists. I share my recent work on my tumblr and blog

My Gear
I'm currently shooting on a Canon 5D Mark IV. My older work was shot on a Mark II and 7D.

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