About Erica

I am a photographer from California. For the past decade, I've created images for marketing and communications projects for forward-thinking organizations.

Born in Los Angeles to immigrant parents from Taiwan and Japan, I grew up practicing figure drawing, darkroom photography, and studio art as a teenager.

After graduating from UC Berkeley, I gained experience as a copywriter for an international creative agency in Taipei, and returned to the Bay Area, where I produced webinars at a fast-growing online media startup for clients that included Microsoft and Avaya. I trained in digital media at BAVC Media, and created my first video and multimedia project, flyprojectTV.

10 years ago, I started documenting Founder Friday events and PITCH conferences for Women 2.0, an organization that was working to scale female-founded tech startups. For 4 years, I documented for Downtown Women's Center, creating image libraries for their annual impact reports, rebrand, galas, social enterprise, and other marketing and communications projects.

More recently, I teamed up with Girl Geek X, an organization amplifying women in technology, to document girl geek dinners across the greater Bay Area for sponsors including OpenAI, Bloomberg, Microsoft, Intuit, Bosch, and Toyota Research Institute.

I enjoy running, meditation, and learning new things.

Current Location: Taiwan



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Girl Geek X, Downtown Women’s Center, The Kresge Foundation, Westridge School for Girls, Bhava Communications, Public Interest GRFX, TechZulu, REACH, Amazon Alexa, Built in LA, Silicon Beach Fest, 30 Miles North, 4WT Media, Karlin Ventures, GO Public Schools, Physicians' Education Resource, Blood Bank Guy, Talk to Amber, At the Helm: Women in Biz, Renegade Women's Conference, Women in Technology Japan, Arcade Agency Tokyo, Women 2.0


Girl Geek X, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Next Web, Asia Pacific Arts, BlogHer, Techvibes, Clarity, Forbes, Goop, Angry Asian Man, Character Media, The Daily Muse, Women 2.0

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