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In the spring and summer of 2011, I interviewed a number of my peers in the Bay Area and Los Angeles who are passionate about a variety of diverse fields, such as food, art, startups, and social justice, and are going for it.  Inspired recently to revisit fly project TV, I’m creating multimedia stories using photography, podcasts, and video from the original footage.

The first story features Haleh Zandi, co-founder of Oakland-based grassroots organization, Planting Justice. The second story, which includes the video above, features Malila Becton, a nutrition educator for kids in Alameda County. Another features Abel Habtegeorgis sharing what it’s like to grow up as ”First-Generation American Kids.” The most recent story features Alta Tseng, a designer based in New York, who speaks about the importance of cultural role models and shares an early memory seeing the Asian Fly Girl on “In Living Color.”

Here are a few more of my peers that I interviewed, including Abel, who ran media communications for Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Rafa a trumpet player, Dominic a visual artist aka DJ Treat-U-Nice, Alta a designer, Steven a musician and writer, Aida a community leader, and Erin a criminal defense and civil rights lawyer. 

To read and listen to fly project stories, visit our multimedia page and follow on Twitter @flyprojectTV. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more stories.

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