Fingers crossed Downtown Women’s Center wins $100K to help women in LA’s Skid Row community build skills to become employed through LA2050’s Grants Challenge

These are portraits I shot of the diverse women who participate at the Center and in the MADE by DWC workshops that appear in the recent #ShesGotSkills campaign.

Source: Downtown Women’s Center’s Instagram

Personal Branding | Annie Chang, Founder, Women in Technology Japan

To help increase her reach online and through social media, I was commissioned by entrepreneur, Annie Chang, founder of Women in Technology Japan, to create new images and edit bio descriptions for her LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.

Women in Technology Japan (WITJ) のアニー•チャングがウェブやソーシャル•メディアのリーチを高めるために新しいプロフィールの写真をいらいしました。コピーライターとしても雇ってくれました。

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Campaign for MADE by DWC

I documented the women artisans behind MADE during one of their soap-making workshop to create images for a holiday ad campaign for MADE by DWC. Part of the Downtown Women’s Center, MADE by DWC provides vocational opportunities to homeless and low-income women through job skills training. Learn more about the program here and visit their Etsy shop here. 

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