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  1. Ad Design, The Green Goddess

    10 Jan 2020

    I created a very simple advertisement design today for my housemate April Hungerford, the Green Goddess. Based in Berkeley, she is an edible gardener who can help you grow food in your front or back yard. For more info, email April directly.

  2. Edible Gardening with The Green Goddess

    09 Jan 2020

    Documented my housemate, April the Green Goddess gardening at her edible garden plot at the 55th St. Community Garden by the Berkeley, Oakland, and Emeryville border. Took home a bounty of kale and parsley from April’s harvest, and beautiful purple and green oregano that Lori, who operates the garden, harvested.…

  3. Endorsement Interview Day, GO Public Schools West Contra Costa

    30 Aug 2018

    Here are several highlights from the Endorsement Interview Day event I documented for GO Public Schools West Contra Costa Advocates in their Community Room in Richmond, East Bay. A diverse bilingual group of members in the community, including youth, parents, educators, and leaders, gathered on Saturday to interview candidates running…

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