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fly project TV is a video and multimedia project featuring interviews with my peers in the Bay Area and LA who are passionate about a variety of fields, from food to art to startups to social justice to djing to graphic design, and they are going for it. I asked them questions to understand who they are, the paths they chose to take, their internal process, and documented them using my camera. I began recording the video interviews in the spring of 2011 before becoming a photographer.

Abel, "First-Generation American Kids"

Abel describes growing up as a first-generation Ethiopian-American kid.

Alta, "Cultural Role Models, Asian Fly Girl, Braving Self-Doubt"

Alta shares the value of cultural role models, her memory of seeing an Asian fly girl on "In Living Color," and how she moves through creative blocks. 

Rafa, "Daily Practice, Self-Doubt, Enthusiasm for the Subject"

Rafa shares why he practices the trumpet everyday, the struggle and thrill of playing, and acquiring knowledge through enthusiasm.

Malila, "Rewarding Work"

Malila describes rewarding work, what drew her to the Bay Area, and how she measures her success.


FLY PROJECT TV is a video + multimedia project featuring interviews with my peers who are pursuing career paths they are passionate about.

Here is the 10 minute rough cut of the FLY PROJECT featuring Danielle Leslie, co-founder of GenJuice, and Becky, a pastry chef at Facebook. It was selected by the Bay Area Video Coalition ( in May of 2011 to appear in BAVC’s 4×10 workshop.

Now, 10 years later: Danielle Leslie is the founder of Culture Add Labs and Becky Sunseri is the founder of Tin Pot Creamery!



fly project TV interviews

Here are a few more peers I interviewed for the fly project in 2011: Malila, a nutrition educator. Haleh, co-founder of Planting Justice. Abel, who ran media communications for Ella Baker Center for Human Rights. Rafa, a trumpet player. DJ Treat U NiceAlta, a designer. Steven, a musician and writer. Aida, a community leader, and Erin a criminal defense and civil rights lawyer. 

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