My Story

Born in Los Angeles to a Japanese mother and Taiwanese father, I learned to photograph in middle school on a manual Minolta film camera, and develop and print images in the darkroom.

After graduating from UC Berkeley, I gained experience as an advertising copywriter for an international creative agency in Taipei, Taiwan. After working in a fast-growing startup and training in digital media at the Bay Area Video Coalition, I began covering events and conferences for Women 2.0, generating images that were included in news stories, such as Karen E. Klein's "Women Who Run Tech Startups Are Catching Up" in Bloomberg Businessweek.

I have 15 years of marketing experience including producing webinars and a mobile race app, writing ad copy, creating and publishing content for websites, blogs, e-newsletters, and social media, and creating photography for marketing and communications. I now help business owners and organizations as an independent marketing consultant.

I have worked with organizations such as Girl Geek X, Kresge Foundation, Downtown Women's Center, San Francisco Marathon, Women in Technology Japan and Women 2.0, and photograph for clients with a focus on documenting women, innovation, and social impact. 

I am based in Oakland, California, and I enjoy blogging, running, and drawing.  

San Francisco Bay Area


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